CXMike Level Subscription

The CXMike subscription level is geared towards professionals that are facing adversity in the current workforce. The Academy has partnered with CXMike to provide an education solution. In adversity comes opportunity and we have created this special program for professionals associated with CXMike and helping them advance their careers to the next level while preparing for that next opportunity. We agree that this is a great way to help the CX community.

The recent layoffs have caused a lot of amazing people, just like you, to be forced into a new chapter of their careers. As you take this next step, CXMike and the Academy want to make sure you're empowered to achieve the greatness you deserve. To help in your journey we are offering all of our courses, templates, and guides at a steeply discounted rate to ensure your transition and enhance your abilities, as well as your resume. Our business courses and certificates will provide you with the competitive advantage you're looking for when trying to land that next position in your career. We have courses for all levels within any organization that you can take 24x7 and get the skillsets and templates necessary to implement any of our solutions in any organization.

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