Implementing a Customer Advisory Board

Topics Covered in Course

  • Benefits of a customer advisory board
  • Different advisory board frameworks
  • Determining internal champion
  • Establishing organizational buy-in
  • Organizational blind spot expectations
  • Involvement of competitive intelligence
  • Integration with your sales team
  • Feedback types and techniques
  • Determining board value
  • Different types of communications
  • Identifying key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Linking KPIs to strategic goals
  • Implementation checklist
  • Appropriate length and frequency of meetings
  • Ensuring an engaged board
  • Optimal board size and types
  • Assembling the players
  • Identifying strategic goals of each board member
  • Board meeting agendas
  • Location selection considerations
  • Communicating strengths and weaknesses
  • Deciding action item involvement
  • Communication of Gap Scores
  • Integration of your product ideas and value propositions
  • Initiatives that happen in-between meetings
  • Informational feedback gathering
  • Post meeting follow-up scenarios

Templates Included

  1. Organizational Advisory Board Framework Diagram
  2. Customer Advisory Board Implementation Steps
  3. Board Meeting Agenda Examples
  4. Board Issue Resolution Template
  5. Agenda and Direction Template
  6. Post Meeting Follow-up Report Example

Detailed Course Description

Having your finger on the pulse of your customer’s current and future needs is a critical piece of your overall organizational, product development, sales, and marketing strategies. Organizations employ several different methods to get this information from their customers. Typically most organizations rely purely on the sales team to provide this direct feedback from customers. This only tells one side of the story.

Customer advisory boards are a unique and valuable tool to show your customers that you truly care about their feedback, satisfaction, and input on your organizational direction. If done properly it will allow an organization to correct course, advance plans, and focus on specific pieces of your offering that will allow you to strengthen interactions and relationships, while at the same time growing revenues.

This online course will cover all the steps and tasks required to plan, implement, and maintain a customer advisory board. The board is a mixture of internal personnel and a team of customers who will help grow your business by providing genuine and actionable insights on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Regardless of size or industry, any organizations can assemble a successful customer advisory board. Board meetings aren’t meant to replace voice of the customer programs; they are there to support all other initiatives to improve the overall customer experience.

There are many different methods of gathering feedback from customers on your product direction, marketing message and overall customer satisfaction levels. In addition to programs like NPS (Net Promoter Score), win/loss analysis, and customer analysis programs, your organization should consider starting a customer advisory board to leverage its unique benefits.

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