Product Launch Decisions in One Month or Less

Topics Covered in Course

  • Stats and facts on product launch trends
  • Rapid-Decision response framework overview
  • Review goals of program
  • Expectations reviewed
  • Assignment of team responsibilities and tasks
  • Product selection valuation grids
  • Product feature analysis
  • Establishing measuring scale
  • Determine high-level key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Cross-functional group product KPI’s
  • Product feature criterion capture
  • Questionnaire generated
  • Sample size and type discussion
  • Identifying specific sample contacts
  • Executive communication agreed to
  • Analyze scheduling plan implemented
  • Primary intelligence capture and consolidation
  • Population of various grids
  • Information turned into intelligence
  • Themes identified
  • Early warning analysis correlation
  • Valuation grid analysis
  • Go/No-Go deliverable assembly
  • Executive communication
  • Closed-loop process with sample contacts

Templates Included

  1. Rapid-Decision Response Framework Diagram
  2. Accelerated Product Launch Diagram
  3. Value Grid Example

Detailed Course Description

Whether for a CIO, VP of business operations, solutions architect or director of development, new or existing product launch activities have taken on a greater sense of urgency with competition from not only other primary competitors, but also new entrants into your market wanting a piece of your pie.


As the competitive environment changes, so too does the need to rapidly discern whether product enhancements or brand new product ideas are going to be perceived as valuable from your buyers. Many organizations have product concepts delayed in endless organizational bureaucracies and cross-functional input teams that are too slow and don’t realize the market urgency.


The tested-solution this course provides changes all of that.


This course will introduce you to the Rapid-Decision product framework, which applies decision-oriented market research and Buyer Intelligence to streamline initial phases of product analysis. The framework accelerates the strategic process to provide a rapid go/no-go decision for your organization and key stakeholders. The solution will allow you to refine product designs and plans before committing to product development costs. The value perception analysis can also be applied to efficiently gather the insights needed to support strategic decision-making for potential enhancements to existing products that you already have in the market.


Executives can obtain concrete buyer intelligence on the viability of the new product or enhancement and make viable decisions before exorbitant internal costs are incurred; or prior to finding out the product will not be viable in the marketplace.


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