Put the “R” Back in Your CRM

Topics Covered in Course

  • Understanding why most relationships are challenged
  • Ability to identify the 3 primary relationship domains
  • Linking domains to communication approaches
  • Ability to Identify the 6 different types of relationships
  • Classifying your existing customers into types of relationships
  • Understanding the underlying rules of the different types of relationships
  • Assigning values and market share to customer relationship types
  • Ability to move a customer to another type to increase price or market share
  • Developing a new organizational view of customers
  • Reorganizing around relationships
  • Continuous knowledge-based relationships
  • Understanding importance of customer feedback loops

Templates Included

  1. Customer Relationship Classifications and Template
  2. Determining Customer Type Email Template
  3. Top 5 Customer Relationship Trends

Detailed Course Description

Today it is more important than ever to build better relationships with your customers as, in this day and age of social media, they now talk to 130+ people at a time. They have a megaphone, making it easier for positive and negative messages to spread fast and wide.

Organizations may delight in learning more about their customer relationships than ever before and in providing features and services to please every possible aspect. But customers delight in neither. Customers cope. They mostly tolerate all the nuances that organizations are passing off as relationships with them. Customer satisfaction rates are at an all-time low, while complaints, boycotts, and other expressions of customer discontent rise. Ironically, the very things that organizations are doing to build relationships with their customers are often the things that are destroying them.

Customer relationships are powerful in theory but troubled in practice. When organizations ask their customers for friendship, loyalty, and respect, too often they don’t give those customers friendship, loyalty, and respect in return.

A vast majority of relationship programs are set up with the arrogant assumption that customers should be happy in a relationship where they just sit around and get bombarded with marketing messages in order to get them to react. This is a mistake. This online course will provide you with the necessary steps to implement a best-in-class relationship model because organizations are undermining their own best efforts, and they need to get things back on track. Customer relationships are a process, not an event.

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