Net Promoter Score - It Isn't About Just One Question

Topics Covered in Course

  • Satisfaction and loyal customer stats
  • Classifying customers by type
  • Describe the characteristics of each customer type
  • Impacts of each customer type on your organizational revenues and resources
  • How to move a customer from one type to another
  • Calculate the value of referrals
  • 4 steps to implement NPS
  • Calculating your NPS
  • Why NPS has little value by itself
  • Modifications to NPS that are needed for measurable and actionable intelligence
  • Additional metrics needed besides NPS
  • Implementing a Net Promoter System
  • Detailed steps required for implementing an organizational-wide process
  • Top criticisms of NPS
  • Leveraging the intelligence strategically and tactically
  • Establishing a closed-loop process and adhering to it

Templates Included

  1. Steps and Diagrams to Successfully Implement
  2. Value of Referral Calculation Diagram
  3. Additional Metrics

Detailed Course Description

(** The course can be purchased individually **) Years ago, consumers had very little say in organizational strategies. Information was disseminated in a top-down fashion, and organizations retained complete control over what their customers knew about them. In today's world of social media, consumers have more power than ever to share information about an organization. The Net Promoter Score (NPS®), since its development in 2003 by Fred Reichheld of Bain & Company, has allowed organizations to obtain a powerful metric.

The simplicity of NPS sometimes creates the misconception that it is all about one question and the resulting score. But the leaders of great organizations understand, including Reichheld himself, that the score was just one of the metrics that can assist in the understanding of customer satisfaction, which in turn can be leveraged as a catalyst, along with other metrics to ignite loyalty and growth initiatives. Obtaining a NPS does not in itself tell an organization everything that it needs to know. There is not one single metric that can live up to that claim.

This online course will detail the NPS concept and what organizations need to do in order to obtain additional critical metrics, in conjunction with NPS, to effectively collaborate with customers to give them a richer, more meaningful experience. The insight and intelligence will allow an organization to receive actionable intelligence as they look to drive strategic and tactical initiatives. In the end, loyal passionate customers stay longer, spend more, contribute suggestions and sing your organization’s praises to friends and colleagues. There is more to it than simply obtaining a Net Promoter Score.


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