How Firms Leverage Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis

Topics Covered in Course

  • History and definition of text analytics and sentiment analysis
  • Why it is becoming the most vital strategic initiative for organizations
  • Top business drivers impacting its widespread acceptance
  • Turning unstructured information into structured data
  • How text analytics integrates with other internal intelligence programs
  • How it is leveraged for competitive advantages
  • Different applications organizations apply it to
  • The power of harnessing sentiments from text
  • Text analytics package selection methodology and steps
  • What’s needed to prepare for a text analytics program internally
  • Challenges with text analytics

Templates Included

  1. Text Analytics Package Selection Process and Steps
  2. Text Analytic Terms
  3. Text Hierarchy and Processes Within Organizations
  4. Requirements Matrix Template
  5. Issue Tracking Log Template
  6. Gap Design Template
  7. Reference Check Guidelines

Detailed Course Description

Text analytics and sentiment analysis are quickly becoming some of the most vital strategic initiatives that organizations are flocking to in order to gain a competitive advantage in today’s world of big data and social media informational overload. The business-drivers of quickly being able to analyze massive amounts of information and decipher deeper actionable insights on buyer perceptions are fueling the need for organizations to understand text analytics and its value proposition. The results can be better customer alignment, new business opportunities, quicker time to market with new products, understanding competitor advancements and improving branding initiatives, just to name a few.

Text analytics is becoming a core practice in today’s organizations due to more and more functions becoming fully digitized and therefore being able to be analyzed. Sentiment analysis is a specialized application of content classification in which the text analytics software is configured to seek out particular terms and phrases that express opinions and evaluations and to categorize them by whether they indicate positive, negative, or neutral evaluations about an entity or event.

Organizations cannot afford to ignore the promise of text analytics and sentiment analysis because the amount of information within their enterprise continues to grow at exponential rates. The best-in-class organizations were shown to be applying analytics to more aspects of their business and utilizing more sophisticated analyses than their peers. Automated tools are beginning to emerge as top priorities for organizations in handling this flood of information that in the past couldn’t be tapped into. Organizations finally have a way to provide structure to unstructured information from primary and secondary sources to truly turn it into a succinct competitive advantage.

This online course covers everything you need to know about what text analytics and sentiment analysis is, how it works and why it is so valuable across many different organizational areas. The course will also provide you with the selection process steps and due-diligence necessary when evaluating an analytics technology solution.

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