Communicating with Customers Effectively

Topics Covered in Course

  • Communication essentials
  • Verbal communication excercises
  • Saying what you mean and meaning what you say
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Grammar usage with customers
  • The impact of your tone
  • How actions impact more than words
  • Asking the correct questions
  • Open versus closed questions
  • Controlling a conversation
  • Answering questions correctly
  • Handling customers that say "no"
  • How to actively listen
  • Customer focused solution steps
  • Understanding what is not said

Templates Included

  • Worksheet: Saying What You Mean and Meaning What You Say
  • Worksheet: Nonverbal Communication
  • Worksheet: Putting the Right Words Together
  • Worksheet: Asking the Correct Questions
  • Worksheet: When the Customer Says No
  • Worksheet: Listening Actively

Detailed Course Description

Did you know that almost everything you do in life involves some form of communication? Anytime you interact with another person, you communicate. Whether you smile at a stranger, speak to a friend, or listen attentively when someone is talking to you, you communicate. You can even communicate by doing nothing at all. When you ignore someone, let a door close on the person behind you, or look the other way when someone is approaching, you communicate.

We communicate for numerous reasons. We communicate when we need to make decisions, solve problems, get answers, gather information, or resolve conflicts. We communicate when we want to find out how someone is doing, find out what is happening, discuss important events, or get to know someone. A smile communicates volumes. So does a scowl. 

This course will teach customer service professionals how to effectively communicate with customers of all types. As a front-line employee, customer service professionals are the primary point of contact and the primary communication source for most customers. To customers, those professionals not only represent the organization, customers think those individuals "are" the organization. This course will ensure those customer service professionals have the proper skill sets and knowledge to effectively engage, communicate, and interact with customers.

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