Building Great Customer Relationships

Topics Covered in Course

  • How you're viewed by customers
  • Why relationships matter
  • Different flavors of relationships
  • Who your customers are
  • Customer expectations
  • How you impact customers
  • Establishing rapport with customers
  • How to find common ground
  • Interacting positively
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Handling objections
  • Ways for a customer to feel valued
  • Handling different types of customers
  • Handling customers with impairments or disabilities

Templates Included

  • Worksheet: Establishing Rapport
  • Worksheet: Interacting Positively with the Customer
  • Worksheet: Identifying the Needs of a Customer
  • Worksheet: Making the Customer Feel Valued
  • Worksheet: Maintaining an Ongoing Relationship
  • Worksheet: Handling Different Types of Customers

Detailed Course Description

Did you know that every customer contact results in a relationship? You may not realize it, but even when customers only do business with an organization once, they remember and judge the organization by their relationship with the employees. Whether their relationship is good or bad, they will remember. They are also likely to tell others. People talk. They share their experiences with others. 

Relationship building is the cornerstone of customer service. Remember, to your customers the customer service professional is the organization. Customers judge an organization by their interactions with its employees. From the moment a customer forms their first impression to the moment they complete an interaction with your organization, customer service professionals have a valuable opportunity to build a strong relationship.

This course will teach customer service professionals how to build new relationships and the steps necessary for maintaining ongoing relationships with customers. This course will also teach individuals how to interact positively with various customer personality types in any type of situation. Establishing and maintaining long-term high-quality relationships with all your customers is the goal of this course.

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