How To Handle Difficult Customers

Topics Covered in Course

  • Calculating the value of customer loyalty
  • Customer service basics
  • Customer experience best practices
  • Identifying difficult personality types
  • Adjusting your mindset
  • 4 A’s of handling customers
  • Types of plans that should be in-place
  • Roles that are engaged
  • Emotion reducing model techniques
  • Expectation alignment steps
  • Proactive versus reactive involvement
  • Exceeding expectation steps
  • Appropriate times to say ‘no’
  • Proper ways to interact with difficult customers
  • Empowering employee tactics
  • Methods to assure customer trust
  • Providing solutions
  • Implementing next steps and a game plan
  • Closed-loop feedback approach
  • Implementation approach for next time

Templates Included

  1. Customer Experience Program Best Practices
  2. Customer Loyalty Calculation Spreadsheet
  3. Customer Feedback Key Indices Template
  4. 4 A’s to Handle Difficult Customers

Detailed Course Description

The customer may always be right, but that doesn't mean all customers are easy to deal with. Anyone who's ever worked with customers can tell you they can be downright unruly. Still, if you want to stay in business, you've got to deal with them. Finding techniques that help you disarm unhappy customers and win them over is the key to providing a great customer experience.

Great customer experiences are key to gaining and retaining customers, but the real test is how you react when something goes wrong, when you screw something up so badly that it could make or break the relationship, that moment when you realize what happened was not a simple mistake, but a monumental screw-up.

This online course will provide a comprehensive framework on how to be proactively prepared and deal with difficult customers in a variety of different scenarios for that inevitable screw up. Every complaining or challenging customer must be taken as a golden opportunity in which the customer has given us a chance to sort the issue. This course will step you through the various identification types and allow you to implement customer experience roadmaps in order to encourage understanding, loyalty, and turn those difficult customers into long-term allies.

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