Mapping the Journey of Your Customers

Topics Covered in Course


  • Defining customer journey mapping
  • Journey map components and elements
  • Defining a customer touchpoint
  • Organizational-focused touchpoints
  • Customer-focused touchpoints
  • Example of a generic journey map
  • Best practices for creating effective customer journey maps
  • Building maps from a customer point of view
  • Maps that capture perceptions, goals, needs, and expectations
  • Example of customer stress points
  • Focusing on multiple touchpoints
  • Decision-making based on the journey map stories
  • Example of complex journey maps
  • Customer journey mapping benefits
  • When to leverage a customer journey map
  • Beyond customer journey mapping
  • Transforming to a customer experience organization
  • Putting aside old approaches
  • Example of new approach versus old
  • Putting rapid process digitization into action
  • Scaling up
  • Personify target customers
  • Plotting a customer path
  • Compare expectations to reality
  • Isolate roadblocks
  • Finding the customer turning point
  • Taking action


Templates Included

  • Consolidated Maps
  • Digitization Diagram
  • Example of a Wealth Mgmt Journey Map
  • Example of Expectations and Perception Map
  • Example of Stress Points
  • Journey Map Performance Indicators
  • Journey Mapping Example Outline

Detailed Course Description

Your customers are essential to the success of your business. Customer Experience (CX) journey maps are arguably the most important instrument for capturing your customer's true interactions with your company brand. Discover your customers and their experiences through various personas throughout multi-channel touch points.

A customer journey map tells the story of the customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship.

This online course will teach you how to perform customer journey mapping to identify and capture key interactions that a customer has with your organization and the touch points they are experiencing. Every customer is on a journey, yet companies treat each customer interaction as if it's an isolated event. This online course will also teach you that in order to improve your overall customer experience, companies must understand and cater to their customer's entire journey.

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