Facts From 200 Organizations on Their Intelligence Programs

Topics Covered in Course

  • Critical success factors for a successful intelligence program
  • Misconceptions of organizations and their intelligence programs
  • Top reasons organizations lose customers and prospects
  • Top intelligence initiatives being considered
  • Intelligence project priorities over next 12 months
  • Internal employee intelligence
  • What customers value the least in organizations
  • Key indice expectations and results
  • Main reasons organizations retain customers
  • Most popular intelligence programs implemented
  • How organizations leverage text analytics
  • How many lost prospects typically re-engage organizations
  • What organizations look for in competitors
  • Firms leveraging predictive intelligence modeling
  • What best practices in intelligence they implement
  • How organization leverage proactive intelligence alerts
  • Most common challenges organizations face after implementing an intelligence program
  • Critical success factors recommended for an intelligence program
  • Most common causes of bias in their intelligence programs

Detailed Course Description

A detailed analysis was done on 200 organizations to figure out what drove them to select certain intelligence programs and dive into their assumptions regarding those programs. Some of those assumptions turned out successful and some turned out disastrous. The organizations ranged from small to massive in size, and all of the data was based on organizations, and not industry specific, to allow us to present overall intelligence trends and assumptions across all industries. This course will uncover the ways organizations are leveraging intelligence programs to pull back the curtain on customer, employee, and competitor insights.

This online course will also allow you a unique look at what the average organization looks for in an intelligence program and all the different nuances that go into them making their decisions and interpreting the intelligence they uncover. The course will show the trends an average organization faces when implementing intelligence programs and dispel typical myths and assumptions held by them about what a “buyer” really wants.

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