Building Measurable Key Performance Indices (KPI's) for Any Intelligence Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Defining organizational objectives
  • Types of KPI measurements
  • Types of indicators
  • Defining KPI's
  • Using KPI's to monitor organizational initiatives
  • Importance of group buy-in
  • Eliminating bias
  • Leveraging SMART criterion
  • Qualitative and quantitative expressions of indicators
  • Practical and observable indicators
  • Ensuring actionable indicators
  • Indicator data collection methods

Templates Included

  1. KPI Examples
  2. Creating KPI's

Detailed Course Description

Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are metrics used to help organizations define and measure progress towards achieving its objectives or critical success factors. KPI's are what we observe in order to verify whether, or to what extent, it is true that progress is being made towards our organizational and departmental goals, which define what business objectives you want to achieve.

This online course will step you through how to establish and implement measurable KPI's in your organization and what techniques need to be followed in order to ensure success. This course will also teach you techniques for measuring progress and achievements, classifying activities, outputs and goals, as well as ensuring stakeholder interaction and assessing KPI performance.

Establishing KPI's are one of the most critical aspects to any intelligence project. This course will teach you best practices in how to enable those KPI's to be strategic and measurable. Your organizational intelligence projects have to be built on a solid foundation in order for the program to be credible by your organization and enable cross-functional proactive communication.

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