Engaging With Customers Online

Topics Covered in Course

  • Real-world scenarios from online customers
  • Expectations of an online customer
  • Being accessible
  • How to truly listen
  • Building loyalty online
  • Writing what you mean
  • Creating the proper customer email
  • Cross-cultural etiquette
  • Professionalism online

Templates Included

  • Worksheet: Online Customer Expectations
  • Worksheet: Being Accessible
  • Worksheet: Writing What You Mean
  • Worksheet: Cross-cultural Etiquette

Detailed Course Description

Customers, who only a few years ago were leery of conducting business over the internet, now do so with extreme ease. Customers find it simple and convenient to do business online, as long as they feel the company is reputable.

When conducting business online, communication requires other types of skill sets. Communication, primarily handled through email, is a great way to formulate thoughts, but special care must be taken to ensure that what is written is what is meant. Learning to write well by formulating your thoughts clearly and conveying the correct message is the most important skill for online customer service professionals. 

This course will teach customer service professionals how to interact with customers online to ensure they understand what an online customer expects from an organization and the techniques to make that journey successful.

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