Creating and Leveraging Customer Surveys

Topics Covered in Course

  • Survey stats and facts from organizations
  • Best practices for question creation
  • Establishing key indices to drive questions
  • Ensuring relevance in question structure
  • Leveraging labels
  • Quantitative and qualitative structures
  • Best practices for survey construction and execution
  • Determining timing of survey
  • Defining a call to action
  • Creating motivational responses
  • Survey frequency testing
  • Best practices for customer satisfaction
  • Best practices for feedback analysis
  • Scoring and charting
  • Organize and optimizing the results
  • Interpreting key indice trends
  • Automating reports and distribution
  • Implementing a closed-loop process

Templates Included

  1. List of Best Practices for Question Creation
  2. List of Best Practices for Survey Construction
  3. List of Best Practices for Survey Execution
  4. List of Best Practices for Customer Satisfaction
  5. List of Best Practices for Feedback Analysis

Detailed Course Description

In this competitive landscape, when everyone is trying to capture your customer’s attention and consumers are selective in engaging with brands, a well-designed and executed survey not only helps you get your customers mindshare, but also puts out the message that you care and need their critical input. Secondary research can be a critical addition to your primary research initiatives.

To provide excellent customer experiences, organizations must listen to their customers, and one of the primary means they have of doing so is through customer surveys. Such surveys, however, are of little use if their response rates are low (industry response rates hover below 10%). The response rate has a direct bearing on the usefulness of any survey.

This online course outlines some best practices an organization can employ to help generate survey effectiveness and increase response rates. In it you’ll find best practices for question creation, survey construction and execution, and feedback analytics. You’ll also learn about best practices for customer satisfaction, closed incident surveys, and key feedback reports. This course will identify all the critical aspects in creating, launching, and tracking a survey process as a means of capturing customer sentiment. Leverage these concepts in your organization today and fine tune your customer satisfaction surveys.

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