Implementing a Customer Retention and Loyalty Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Overview of customer loyalty and retention
  • Retention strategy vs tactics vs tools
  • The importance of customer retention and loyalty programs
  • Understanding how loyalty is earned
  • Customer loyalty stats
  • Measuring metrics for loyalty and retention key indices
  • Simple ways to impact customer retention
  • Top customer frustrations
  • Defining your customer service policies
  • Next generation of loyalty and retention programs

Templates Included

  1. All Stats and Facts from Course
  2. Retention Impact Analysis Template
  3. Top 10 Frustrations Customers Experience Document
  4. Conflict Resolution Channel Template
  5. Loyalty Steps Template
  6. Loyalty and Retention Steps Defined Template
  7. Components of Customer Loyalty Intelligence Program Template

Detailed Course Description

Customers are one of the most important, and often the only, revenue producing assets for an organization. Managing these important assets, therefore, requires a systematic and disciplined approach toward achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. In general, retention and loyalty programs are often developed with good intentions but unclear objectives. While loyalty programs have many purposes, the greatest value that is created is the ability to identify individual customers and to measure and understand their individual behaviors.

This online course will focus on what it takes to implement a best-in-class solution for your organization that focuses on customer retention and loyalty initiatives – and building out variations of loyalty programs. This course will define what is needed to keep your current customers satisfied and returning to your offerings. Customer engagement loyalty programs are a process, not individual events where you simply check a box once it is completed. Too often retention and loyalty programs are treated as a project, rather than an organization’s guiding principle. This course will focus on those aspects, and focus on the importance for strategy development and a comprehensive understanding of what drives retention and loyalty, and how strong those drivers are for your organization.

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