Nobody Likes Yesterday's Intelligence

Topics Covered in Course

  • Secondary versus Primary research for executives
  • Primary reasons why intelligence program fail
  • Creating measurable KPIs
  • Assigning KPI ownership
  • Turning information into intelligence
  • Leveraging expectation gap scores to drive strategic/tactical discussions

Templates Included

  1. Key Indice Tracking Document
  2. Organizational Fit Diagram
  3. Organizational Setup Examples

Detailed Course Description

Successful organizations not only make obtaining timely, relevant, and measurable data a priority in providing organizational intelligence, but they also use it as a basis to easily identify expectations and priorities. Many organizations strategically plan their quarterly meetings around these program milestones so that they can bring that information and intelligence into their meetings to strategize with others and make decisions. If you obtain measurable information, and therefore are quickly able to turn it into actual intelligence, your organization will never understand how it operated without it.

No organization wants to leverage dated information and intelligence to make strategic and tactical decisions.

This online course will review the research methods recommended to obtain relevant information and review why some programs fall short of their goal of providing pertinent information. Customer experience and intelligence programs cannot thrive with information or intelligence from their buyers and the marketplace that is stale. This course will expose some of the techniques that will ensure timely relevant information and intelligence is interjected into your programs.

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