Onboarding New Customers

Topics Covered in Course

  • Customer onboarding stats
  • Customer onboarding timeline
  • Customer lifecycle phases
  • Mapping customer lifecycle to onboarding phases
  • Classifying customers
  • Event-based marketing
  • Cross-selling and up-selling requirements
  • Traits of a loyal customer
  • Measuring loyalty
  • Rention program examples
  • Top causes of onboarding failure
  • Maintaining an ongoing program

Templates Included

  1. Customer Lifecycle
  2. Onboarding Example Diagrams
  3. Onboarding Mistakes to Avoid

Detailed Course Description

Nearly 75% of all cross-sell opportunities occur within the first 90 days of acquiring a new customer. A robust customer onboarding process enables organizations to take control, from initial enrollment through welcome kits and subsequent cross-sell and up-sell activities. To succeed, organizations must start with an accurate, comprehensive view of customers and use high-quality data to improve the customer experience across multiple channels and via every mode of data intake and delivery.

This online course will teach you that effective customer strategies are crucial to gain an edge over the competition, and in both the minds and hearts of customers. As every organization can attest, it is much cheaper to retain good customers than to acquire new. This course will map a customer lifecycle methodology with proven onboarding processes and phases in order to properly transition from sales teams to delivery teams, all while leveraging specific content, tools, and strategies to increase customer profitability.

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