ROI Calculations for Implementing a Win Loss Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • What a win/loss intelligence program entails
  • Largest organizational challenges faced
  • Aspects organizations should primarily focus on
  • 5 intelligence pillars every intelligence program needs
  • Making more informed decisions based on the intelligence
  • Calculating the viability of a win/loss intelligence program
  • Application of predictive analytics
  • Generating impact analysis reports
  • Calculating ROI regarding increased in win rate
  • Calculating ROI regarding in jeopardy customer
  • Calculating ROI regarding lost prospects that will re-engage
  • Calculating ROI regarding existing customers that qualify to be upsold
  • Other win/loss ROI areas

Templates Included

  1. Win/Loss Formula Calculation Spreadsheet
  2. Key Indice Tracking Spreadsheet & Pillar Diagram

Detailed Course Description

Calculating the benefits of implementing a win/loss intelligence program can be very challenging because most organizations, and win/loss vendors, don’t set it up properly. Most organizations understand that having a win/loss intelligence program in-place is something that “should” be done, they simply have a challenging time determining “what” should be done and how to calculate if it is something they should engage in as an organization.

This online course will teach you not only how to approach this topic within your organization, but also the primary impacts a win/loss intelligence program should have on your entire organization. You cannot manage the value of a win/loss program if it is not set up properly with the correct foundation pillars. The course will provide the formulas for determining a return on investment (ROI) and actually run impact analysis scenarios for your organization to establish the impact it has on unrecognized revenues.

The outcome of this course will allow you to run those calculations on your own organization or business unit, and will allow you to make the case of whether or not a win/loss intelligence program can be justified within your organization. Saving customers that are in jeopardy, increasing existing customer retention, increased win rates, upselling to existing customers, and re-engaging lost prospects are some of the areas that this course will provide calculated solutions for.

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