Ethics and Legalities for Intelligence Programs

Topics Covered in Course

  • Basic ethical and legal rules that impact intelligence gathering
  • How to act ethically
  • Understanding the rules of engagement
  • 10 ethical Rules
  • Pricing legalities
  • Handling proprietary information
  • Gray areas of ethics and legalities
  • Applicable laws and rights
  • International laws and governance
  • Ethics in research
  • Mitigation strategies
  • Economic Espionage Act (EEA)
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Four exercises on ethics

Templates Included

  1. Intelligence Ethics Guidelines
  2. International Governing Intelligence

Detailed Course Description

Intelligence is shared on a daily basis as a matter of course where people interact. Most often, the sharing or transfer of information is both legal and customary of due course in conducting business. Rarely do employees deliberately violate organizational rules or international laws. As the interactions in business, however, become more global and more complex, it becomes more difficult to understand the guidelines of ethics and legalities while adhering to best practices in gathering intelligence.

It is of utmost importance that an organization educates all of its employees, as well as its suppliers on the ethical collection, use and dissemination of such intelligence. It is highly recommended, as part of each Ethics and Legalities orientation and training program for an organization, that this training be incorporated. It is also recommend that refresher courses be offered on a yearly basis. The return on investment of such training is priceless when you consider that ensuring your employees “do the right thing” and act, at all times, in an ethical manner, preserves the reputation of your organization worldwide.   This course will prepare your organization to compete on the world stage with utmost professionalism.

You will be introduced to the necessary requirements needed to stay vigilant in protecting the ethical practices and legalities in gathering intelligence for internal programs. Although laws change over time and challenges mount due to global interaction, it is advisable to study and adhere to U.S. Law on the subject of Ethics and Legalities in terms of information sharing and use. The purpose of this online course is to generate that awareness. It is not intentioned to provide all of the answers and not to provide Legal advice. We suggest that your Legal and Ethics Departments provide feedback into and supplement this training with your organizations specific guidelines.

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