10 Steps to Implement a Customer Management Intelligence Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Defining your customer relationship goals and plans
  • Performing a SWOT Analysis
  • Determine which customer channels are most important
  • Define your data, email, web behavior, and social media strategy
  • Understanding frequency of updates
  • Determining analytics needed in your program
  • Managing customer contacts and interactions
  • Reporting and evaluation criteria
  • Defining technology requirements
  • Defining solution support
  • Allocating various resources
  • Assigning process coverage
  • Best practices for building client relations

Templates Included

  1. All Implementation Steps and Diagrams
  2. Defining All Customer Channels Template
  3. SWOT Analysis Diagrams and Examples
  4. SWOT Analysis Issue Tracking Log
  5. Best Practices for Building Client Relationships
  6. Top 5 Customer Relationship Trends

Detailed Course Description

Numerous suppliers of Customer Management systems have evolved over the years and provide a vast array of applications from simple to complex enterprise-wide applications. The choice can be daunting for an organization. This is further complicated by the growth in data, increasing complexity in customer contact channels and ever-changing technologies. It is not just a technology decision though. It is a change in customer management techniques that are in part enabled by technology. How do you know what considerations are right for your organization if considering implementing a customer relationship management program?

This online course will step you through the fundamentals that any size organization needs to address prior to implementing any form of customer management capabilities. Organizations will have the ability to define and capture all aspects and considerations needed to ensure a successful program is defined and can be put in-place with the proper steps being completed. This course will also provide you with all the templates and diagrams needed to complete this organizational exercise.

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