Intelligence for Sales Enablement

Topics Covered in Course

  • Direct correlation between intelligence and sales initiatives
  • Why intelligence is critical for sales enablement
  • Defining successful sales enablement in other organizational areas
  • How your intelligence programs could be hindering sales instead of enabling sales
  • Turn existing company data into true sales intelligence to drive sales enablement
  • Defining the sales enablement framework
  • Prioritizing different intelligence efforts
  • Classifying intelligence requirements into sales enablement objectives
  • Measuring success of program
  • Applying best practices

Templates Included

  1. Intelligence for Sales Enablement Framework 
  2. ROI Prioritization Matrix
  3. Key Customer Interaction Points Flow Chart
  4. Sales Enablement Objectives Classification Template

Detailed Course Description

In the past days of selling, quaint as they may seem today, the concept of sales enabling intelligence consisted of little more than attempting to call into the freshest list of leads. Luckily, times have changed, and in a remarkable fashion.

Salespeople crave insight that will allow them to more efficiently and effectively attain business. Intelligence professionals crave the ability to derive meaningful implications and business outcomes from intelligence collected. It’s only natural for the latter to feed these cravings by supporting salespeople with the right intelligence.

Increasing sales should be the direct result of all intelligence and research programs.

Regardless of how proficient your organization is when it comes to intelligence, every organization is capable of supporting sales enablement via intelligence. Sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing practice that arms all customer-facing employees with the ability to consistently have a valuable interaction with the right customer stakeholders at each stage of the buyer’s lifecycle. Are your intelligence programs helping or hindering the business outcomes of your sales teams?

Take this online course to learn about intelligence for sales enablement and understand how to align your intelligence and sales activities for cross-functional organizational success. We will uncover the intelligence necessary to outline a framework in which even non-sales professionals can engage in organizational-wide engagement.

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