All business solution courses include:


Templates to allow you to implement each business solution in your organization.


Ability to track your progress through all of the courses.


Training roadmaps to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME).


Stop listening to everyone telling you “why” you should care about a business solution–and let us show you “how”.


Week nights, week ends, on a flight? No problem. All courses can be taken at anytime or any place.

Best in the

Our course creators are the best and brightest and actually implement these solutions.

Why we’re the #1 online intelligence solution provider for organizations large and small...

All courses are focused on implementing your own business solution within your own organization.

No airfaire, hotel, meals or lost time from work costs – courses available wherever you want.
24 x 7 x 365.

Business solutions that you can immediately start implementing and obtaining an ROI for your organization.

All business solutions reflect the 5 Foundation Pillars of being: strategic, unbiased, measurable, actionable, and repeatable.

VoiceoftheBusiness is the only company to offer Subject Matter Expert (SME) certifications.

Courses created by professionals throughout the world – for businesses throughout the world.

Business training solutions for organizations, professionals, schools, and government

In addition to personal and student plans, we also offer cost-effective group plans available to everyone in your organization that plays any role in your education program.

We make sure you do it the right way from the onset. No more guessing what you “think” you need to implement for a business solution.

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