Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Topics Covered in Course

  • Properly setting program expectations
  • Satisfaction and loyal employee stats
  • Continuous improvement and closed-loop solicitation scenarios
  • Keeping information private and confidential
  • Describe the characteristics of each customer type
  • Impacts of each customer type on your organizational revenues and resources
  • How to move a customer from one type to another
  • Employee classifications of promoters, passives and detractors
  • Establishing measurable employee key indices
  • Linking employee value scores
  • Calculating employee Gap Scores
  • Approach and execution techniques
  • Leveraging an unbiased 3rd party firm to obtain information
  • Methods for obtaining anonymous employee input
  • Intelligence leveraged for team leaders and managers
  • Turning information into intelligence
  • Employee plus/minus Gap Scores
  • Disseminating the employee intelligence
  • Steps to implementing an eNPS
  • Calculating your eNPS
  • Why eNPS has little value by itself
  • Modifications to eNPS that are needed for measurable and actionable intelligence
  • Additional metrics needed besides eNPS
  • Top criticisms of eNPS
  • Leveraging the intelligence strategically and tactically
  • Establishing a closed-loop process
  • Ongoing coaching initiatives

Templates Included

  1. Guidelines and Best Practices
  2. Statistics
  3. eNPS Calculation and Example

Detailed Course Description

Few organizations can achieve or sustain high customer retention without driven, productive, and engaged employees. Engaged employees are happy and enthusiastic about their work and their organization. They also approach their jobs with energy, which in turn delivers productivity, innovation and customer excellence for the organization. Those driven employees also come up with more creative ideas for products, processes and service improvements.

Organizational managers and leaders, therefore, have good reason to want to measure that enthusiasm and loyalty levels of their employees. This means understanding employee engagement levels and how to improve them. Employee Net Promoter Scores (eNPS) are an early warning mechanism for gauging employee enthusiasm and commitment to the organization.

This online course will detail the eNPS concept and what organizations need to do in order to obtain additional critical employee metrics, in conjunction with eNPS, to finally provide visibility into the people side of an organization. The insight and intelligence will allow an organization to more effectively manage and motivate employees. In the end, loyal passionate employees stay longer, are more engaged, contribute suggestions and more readily sing your organization’s praises to friends and colleagues.

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