Roadmap for Implementing a Competitive Intelligence (CI) Function

Topics Covered in Course

  • Outline of CI objectives and goals
  • Organizational CI frameworks
  • Organizational success factors
  • Shareholder sponsorship and involvement
  • Stats and facts from industry on different intelligence functions
  • Ethics in different intelligence functions
  • Assessing current capabilities and needs
  • Detailed review of intelligence foundation pillars
  • Leveraging strategic information
  • Anticipated complexities of each function
  • Tracking metrics per intelligence function
  • Ensuring unbiased information and approach
  • Requirements of key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Concepts of turning information into intelligence
  • Specific intelligence function checklist
  • Intelligence function impacts and challenges
  • Identification of roles and responsibilities per function
  • Different information gathering techniques per function
  • Primary and secondary gathering impacts per function
  • How intelligence programs lose credibility
  • Implementing closed-loop feedback processes
  • Establishing solid communication plans per group
  • Overall integration of multiple intelligence functions
  • Intelligence report generation
  • Communication of intelligence to various groups
  • Consolidating intelligence
  • Housing intelligence systems and processes

Templates Included

  1. Assessment Need Template
  2. Roadmaps per Intelligence Function
  3. Ethics Checklist Document
  4. Sample Deliverables per Function
  5. Organizational Framework Diagrams

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedWhile market research often focuses on fulfilling specific information needs, competitive intelligence is an ongoing process of developing a holistic analysis of your organizational environment. “Competitive” intelligence is not just “competitor” intelligence. Competitive intelligence can focus on a specific aspect pertaining to competitor intelligence, but it can also focus on other disciplines such as products, customers, employees, lost prospects, marketing, sales or environmental aspects. Competitive intelligence functions provide organizations with a competitive advantage in any of those disciplines when a structured program is properly implemented, managed and maintained.

One of the most important aspects of implementing any intelligence program is the ability to convert data and information into actionable intelligence. It is often said that information costs you money, while intelligence makes you money. In order for that to happen, the data and information obtained has to be strategic, unbiased, measurable, actionable, and above all, repeatable. Without that foundation in-place, organizational intelligence programs are much more susceptible to failure.

This online course will provide comprehensive roadmaps for organizations who want to implement product, customer, employee, lost prospect, marketing, sales, competitor or environmental intelligence functions within their organization.




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