Critical Reports Your Win/Loss Program Should Generate

Topics Covered in Course

  • Key organizational reporting blind spots
  • Top barriers to overall intelligence reporting integration
  • Critical key indices needed on any intelligence project
  • Emerging trends in automated intelligence reporting
  • Automated report alerting functionality
  • Report definition and positioning
  • Intelligence reporting oversight and ownership
  • Complications of integrated dynamic reporting
  • Complexities overcome by intelligence reporting
  • Focusing on intelligence rather than people and behaviors
  • Creation of measurable and actionable key indices
  • Primary and secondary gathering impacts
  • Impacts on individual tracking reports
  • Impacts on trending reports
  • Impacts on organizational tracking reports
  • Product and service driven indices
  • Turning information into intelligence
  • Establishing reporting expectations
  • Identifying all groups needing report classifications
  • Expectations of groups and their key indices
  • Group disseminating of report key indice values
  • Advanced analytics at top organizations
  • Reports leveraged for predicative analytics
  • Tying impact reports to bonuses and commissions
  • Tracking strategic and tactical progress on reports
  • Reporting aspects that generate competitive advantages
  • Top indices each internal group needs to drive initiatives
  • Implementing a constant feedback reporting process
  • Incorporating reports into executive dashboards

Templates Included

  1. Organizational Report Business Driver Framework Diagram
  2. Intelligence Roadmap Framework
  3. Critical Indices Defined and Examples
  4. Top 5 Trends in Intelligence Reporting
  5. Top Business Drivers Based on Impact
  6. Top Indices Needed per Organizational Group
  7. Top Product and Service Reports and Samples of Each
  8. Executive Dashboard Example

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedWin-Loss intelligence projects should be generating quantitative and qualitative information on measurable organizational key indices. This critical information should be leveraged to provide reports and trends to various organizational groups and clearly identify and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, as well as clearly articulate competitive advantages for each of those specific groups.

This online course will identify the top most critical reports that should be generated from any lost prospect or existing customer analyzed in order to assign tracking and progress mechanisms. This course will also consolidate several top reports in order to effectively communicate how predictive analytics can be created and leveraged in order to jump-start strategic and tactical initiatives.






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