Implementing a Counter Intelligence Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Review of how competitors obtain your organizational intelligence
  • Ability to identify, monitor, and assess intelligence threats
  • Identification of top vulnerabilities
  • Uncovering top ethical and unethical attacks
  • Generate a threat impact analysis
  • Recognizing over disclosure
  • Understanding existing employee threats
  • Evaluation of peer threat impacts
  • Proper electronic controls of distribution
  • Identifying predictable patterns
  • Building the proper reaction strategy
  • Monitoring of top organizational weak spots
  • Sending false signals to your competitors
  • Managing organizational online reputation
  • Reality or fiction discussion

Templates Included

  1. Counter Intelligence Process Framework Diagram
  2. Counter Intelligence Checklist
  3. Threat Impact Diagrams
  4. Pre and Post Counter Intelligence Steps
  5. Weak Spot Identification Matrix Template
  6. 7 Steps for Managing Your Online Organizational Reputation
  7. 12 Steps to Implement a Counter Intelligence Program

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedIn an effort to close the loop on your intelligence programs, you need to recognize that your competitors will be performing intelligence initiatives against your organization as well. Whether your organization realizes it or not, right this second it is under some form of intelligence attack. Implementing a counter intelligence program in your organization can proactively identify and protect valuable organizational assets and information from those competitors.

Counter intelligence is the understanding of what weaknesses your organization has if a competitor is looking to gain and leverage intelligence against it. Trust us, your competitors could very easily be well aware of how you are positioning and pricing your products, monitoring all of your press releases, knowing what markets you plan to engage in next year, have most of your employee names on file, or get alerted each and every time your website is modified in any way, shape, or form. These are just some of the few cheap ways competitors can easily keep tabs on what your organization is up to and what it is planning.

This online course identifies and analyzes those different forms of competitor threats and steps you through what your organization needs to implement regarding a best-in-class counter intelligence program to protect against those unknown attacks. This course will allow you to implement the necessary processes, tools, and monitoring techniques in order to make it more difficult for your competitors to obtain intelligence on your organization.




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