Implementing a “Bare Bones” Intelligence Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Understanding what is comprised of a win/loss program
  • Intelligence industry statistics and benchmarks on program components
  • Roles impacted by various win/loss function components
  • Overview of bare minimum best-in-class intelligence programs
  • Classifying your organizational intelligence program levels
  • Understanding the 5 foundation intelligence pillars
  • Understanding different intelligence gathering techniques
  • Understanding quantitative and qualitative intelligence aspects
  • Core win/loss program aspects
  • Variable win/loss program aspects
  • Revenue impacts based on win/loss components
  • Personnel involved to maintain and manage components
  • Determining your organizational intelligence components
  • Obtaining agreement and approval of impacts
  • Implementation steps and project plans
  • Real-world application discussion
  • How to plan for future intelligence components

Templates Included

  1. Organizational Framework Diagram
  2. 5 Pillar Step Checklist and Diagram
  3. Component Revenue Impact Document
  4. Categorizing Intelligence Components
  5. Executive Presentation Template
  6. Component Selection Justification Spreadsheet
  7. Future Intelligence Functionality Tracking Spreadsheet

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedImplementing a 'bare bones' Win/Loss Intelligence Program enables organizations to strip down all the bells and whistles of typical programs and focus on only the core functionality aspects. Implementing a program such as this still allows organizations to access the minds of their buyers and the ability to get actionable strategic and tactical intelligence for internal alignment, but at a fraction of the time to implement and maintain.

This course will allow an organization to select which intelligence program options are most critical to them, and allow them to understand how to implement those specific aspects. Each of the options that can be selected will adhere to baseline intelligence foundation best practices in which the information and intelligence is strategic, unbiased, measurable, actionable, and repeatable. This course then proceeds to identify the pros and cons of each option your intelligence program could have and its impact on revenues in order to assist you with determining if it should be part of your program.

All of the activities in this course are aimed at allowing you to implement a 'bare bones' Win/Loss Intelligence Program and understand how each intelligence component could benefit your organization. This allows organizations to select the intelligence components that matter most to them on a more limited budget.




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