Creating a Best-in-Class Intelligence Deliverable

Topics Covered in Course

  • What intelligence aspects need to be communicated
  • Determining content for right audience
  • Allocating levels of intelligence
  • Establishing the proper content breakouts
  • Overall format types
  • Incorporating newsletter updates
  • Manual information to intelligence calculations
  • Communicating Gap Scores and expectations matrix
  • Top competitor analysis
  • Technology profile analysis
  • Displaying early warning alerts
  • Situational analysis impacts
  • Interpreting the information and data
  • Creating executive level intelligence
  • Creating detailed qualitative sections
  • Ensuring two-way communication
  • Aligning insights with output
  • Differentiating communication methods
  • Group segmentation for distribution
  • Leveraging an online intelligence portal
  • Identifying continuous distribution methods

Templates Included

  1. Intelligence Deliverable Distribution Grid
  2. Types and Formats of Intelligence Deliverables
  3. Sample Intelligence Deliverables

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedIntelligence projects revolve around the need for information. Thus, delivering relevant and well-packaged intelligence to the people who requested it is of utmost importance.

Intelligence deliverables are the tangible output of organizational intelligence projects. At the end of the day, measuring the value and impact of the eventual deliverables that the intelligence program produces must have timeliness, accuracy, and above all, relevance. The intelligence deliverables provide decision-makers with insights and intelligence that will help them make confident strategic and tactical decisions.

This online course will review what types of intelligence are obtained and how to package it in a way that ensure value to specific audiences. This course will also step through which areas should be summarized for organizational strategic consumption and where tactical considerations need to be maintained.

In the long run, an intelligence program’s future will depend on how well the deliverable has been produced compared to if they understood the needs of those who requested it.






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