Human Resources and Competitive Intelligence

Topics Covered in Course

  • Overview of competitive intelligence
  • Stats and facts of organizational trends
  • Ethics and legalities in obtaining intelligence
  • Datafication of HR
  • Linking intelligence to the HR function
  • Understanding competitor talent functions
  • Identifying talent weaknesses of the competition
  • Leveraging opportunities with intelligence obtained
  • Better decision-making with intelligence
  • Intelligence and talent management suites
  • Key indices integrated into HRMS
  • Identifying talent Gap Scores
  • Turning talent information into intelligence
  • Calculating and communicating ROI

Templates Included

  1. SCIP Intelligence Ethics Guidelines
  2. SCIP International Governing Intelligence
  3. Talent Analytics Team Structure Diagram
  4. 20 Competitive Intelligence Tools for Recruiting

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedCompetitive Intelligence (CI) is a powerful management tool for evaluating data and information about your competition and transforming it into intelligence. Using the intelligence properly, you can develop strategies that will anticipate your competitor’s moves and decrease your response time. In the Human Resource executive’s role as a strategic advisor to the CEO, competitive intelligence is used in developing human capital strategies so that the company can generate above average returns.

How does HR add to the competitive intelligence in their organization? It does so primarily by linking their general business skills and specific HR knowledge to the performance threats and opportunities of the organization. Great recruiters and researchers use competitive intelligence in a variety of ways to advance their organization’s talent acquisition efforts from industry information, company research, organizational charts, employee information, labor market information, and overall trends.

Although competitive intelligence sometimes uncovers unpleasant truths that organization leaders would not like to acknowledge, this course will demonstrate that failure to act on these truths can be disastrous. This online course will uncover how HR professional experts should use their competitive intelligence skills to provide suggestions and recommendations for organizational action. It is a key discipline that enables your organization to obtain a competitive advantage.




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