Determining if Your Organization Can Handle an Intelligence Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Understanding types of intelligence programs
  • Defining the scope of your intelligence initiative
  • Mapping initiatives to different intelligence scenarios
  • Intelligence industry statistics and benchmarks
  • Roles involved in the various intelligence functions
  • Overview of best-in-class intelligence programs
  • Classifying your organizational intelligence program level
  • Understanding the 5 foundation intelligence pillars
  • Impacts of how bias can cause loss of program credibility
  • Generating the proper intelligence measuring scale
  • Importance of overall program key indices
  • Internal and external considerations
  • Prioritizing initiatives
  • Defining phasing of initiatives
  • Budget and personnel based on selected solutions
  • Communicating the intelligence to executives
  • Identify where most organizations lose program credibility
  • Identify where most challenges arise
  • Real-world scenarios

Templates Included

  1. Organizational Intelligence Framework Diagram
  2. Intelligence Program Adoption Stats
  3. Prioritizing Spreadsheet
  4. 5 Pillar Step Checklist and Diagram
  5. Categorizing your Organizational Intelligence Program Level
  6. 27 Measurable Key Indices Document
  7. Budget and Personnel Impact Document
  8. Executive Presentation Template

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedYou may wonder how some organizations implement and manage intelligence programs while making it seem like an effortless endeavor. It can be anything but, for most organizations, so don't let those others fool you by making it look easy. There are dozens of factors and constraints that need to be considered in order to determine if an intelligence function can be successful, and produce necessary results, for your organization.

When organizations successful plan and roadmap their intelligence program they can truly attain competitive advantages over their competition. Unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it pertains to intelligence programs.

In this course, you'll learn the crucial questions and aspects to answer when aligning an intelligence program with your business strategies to position your organization for future growth. By fully researching the scope, requirements, targeted key indices, areas of customer touch points and overall intelligence objectives a clear roadmap can be generated. This course is designed to allow you to construct the various intelligence program pieces your organization uniquely needs to configure for competitive advantages.




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