How to Select a 3rd Party Intelligence Vendor

Topics Covered in Course

  • Stats and facts on current intelligence vendors
  • Categorization of intelligence vendors
  • Best practices in selecting intelligence vendors
  • Why most intelligence vendors fail during projects
  • Initial intelligence vendor screening elements
  • 5 areas to judge intelligence vendors
  • Why intelligence vendors fall into the same trap
  • Intelligence vendor risk evaluation and scoring scale
  • Reference scoring scale measurements
  • Risk-based due-diligence process map application
  • Intelligence vendor key indices
  • Mapping risks for intelligence programs
  • Impacts to contract negotiations
  • Recourse if intelligence project is in-process
  • Leading your intelligence vendor instead of following
  • High and low-risk factors
  • Leveraging internal organizational roles in intelligence
  • Implementing objective-based milestones and deliverables

Templates Included

  1. Risk-Based Due-Diligence Process Diagram
  2. Checklist of 5 Scoring Areas
  3. Scoring Scale and Examples
  4. Intelligence Program Framework and Vendor Consideration

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedAs companies lean harder on their service organizations for decreased costs, increased revenues, and competitive advantages, more and more are migrating to the complex, yet entirely critical, outsourcing of their intelligence programs. In today’s business environment, it would be nearly impossible to a find an organization that doesn’t contract with a vendor, but the convenience and flexibility of outsourcing intelligence programs, in whole or in part, to third party intelligence vendors comes with a significantly different risk.

Most organizations leave it up to the intelligence vendor to mostly define their organizational intelligence program, when if in fact most intelligence vendors have little experience implementing intelligence solutions that are strategic, unbiased, measurable, actionable, and repeatable. In order for organizations to not experience serious disappointments and wasted money, this course should be leveraged in order for the organization to define their intelligence program and communicate those expectations to any vendor they are considering leveraging. In addition, organizations should be performing the proper due-diligence on their intelligence vendor prior to engaging them to ensure they can accomplish the intelligence goals needed by the organization to realize competitive advantages.

This online course will also enable your organization to create the criteria that should be asked of the intelligence vendor to ensure that they can provide the proper strategic information your organization needs in order to turn it into intelligence and increase the odds of a successful project.




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