How to Digest Your Organizational Intelligence

Topics Covered in Course

  • Identification of most common sources of organizational information
  • Analysis of all customer experience touch points
  • Determining measurable organizational key indices
  • Primary and secondary information gathering techniques
  • Turning information into intelligence
  • Breaking the sources by internal discipline
  • Identifying key roles and holes in organizational roles
  • Assigning an ownership matrix per organizational discipline
  • Assigning priorities to intelligence digestion areas
  • Establishing tracking and deciphering mechanisms
  • Exploring various update and communication paths
  • Identifying success measures and milestones
  • Assignment of strategic and tactical initiatives
  • Reports and tracking intelligence scores
  • Techniques to fine-tune organizational digestion
  • Communicating progress to executives and management
  • Calculating desired impact values

Templates Included

  1. Course Table of Contents
  2. Information Source Tracking Spreadsheet
  3. Primary and Secondary Sourcing Identification Spreadsheet
  4. Intelligence Calculation Diagram and Examples
  5. Organizational Disciplines Spreadsheet
  6. Organization Role Identification Spreadsheet
  7. Overall Tracking Examples
  8. Matching Priorities to Roles Document
  9. Sample Tracking Reports
  10. Value Impact Calculation Spreadsheet

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedInformation in organizations is everywhere. Whether it comes from primary, secondary or internal business applications, turning information into intelligence is helping all disciplines within organizations ignite strategies and additional revenues. Once you have turned the information into intelligence for your organization, how will it possibly get digested effectively or tracked to determine if your organization is leveraging the intelligence successfully?

This course was designed to provide organizations with the tools necessary to not only identify different key indices and turn information into intelligence, but to finish that process off with proven techniques to actually allow your organization to digest that intelligence, manage it, and ensure you are tuning the right dials to ensure success. This course will step organizations through identifying and tracking those key indices and ensure your organization is able to continually digest the information and intelligence it obtains from all sources.




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