Delivering Your Intelligence to Executives

Topics Covered in Course

  • Defining your deliverables based on intelligence
  • Defining critical and non-critical intelligence types
  • Understanding what is most important to executives
  • Mapping expectations and alignment per deliverable
  • What executives don't care about
  • What is most valuable to executives
  • Mapping intelligence sensitivity levels
  • Proactive versus reactive approaches based on intelligence types
  • Market changes and criticalities of intelligence levels
  • Best practice communication techniques
  • Communication versus deliverable detail
  • Follow-up initiatives based on intelligence level
  • Establishing a closed-loop communication process
  • Impacts after the fact scenarios
  • ROI communication
  • Strategic and tactical KPI communication

Templates Included

  1. Organizational Role Mapping Grid
  2. Sensitivity Mapping Grid
  3. Defining Intelligence Type Grid
  4. Sample Plus/Minus Report
  5. Sample Net Promoter & Additional KPI Report
  6. Salesperson Intelligence Report
  7. Sample Strategic Initiative Tracking Report
  8. Sample Tactical Initiative Tracking Report
  9. Sample Salesperson Comparison Report
  10. Sample Revenue Ignition Report
  11. Early Identification of Growth Opportunities Report
  12. Early Competitive Threat Diagram
  13. Sample Business Blind Spot Report
  14. Mapping Report Flavors to Organizational Levels

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedIf you’re leading or part of an intelligence project within your career or organization, chances are you’ll need to deliver results to a senior executive about some aspect of your intelligence analysis. Whether it’s a presentation to a group of leaders or a one-on-one meeting, how you present the critical aspects of the intelligence deliverable aspects can make or break the value of the project. Intelligence projects require a different way of communicating due to the sensitivity and criticality of the information and intelligence deliverables that can impact the entire organization. If done correctly, your intelligence can drive the most critical strategic initiatives at the executive level.

You'll have a much better chance of successfully communicating the deliverables of an intelligence initiative if you understand the differences that executives require based on the type of intelligence being communicated. The key to good communications with critical intelligence deliverables is to know your goal, know your audience, and adapt accordingly based on its impact and sensitivity to the organization.

This course will allow you to understand all the different types of intelligence deliverables and be able to establish different guidelines for successfully delivering each to executives. This is even more critical when delivering intelligence to the executive level within an organization. The course will define the different approaches and provide the clarity around your own communication objectives depending on the types of intelligence you have to deliver. If you are interested in improving your ability to communicate different levels of intelligence to various levels within your organization, then this course is for you.




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