Leveraging Revenue Accelerators with Win/Loss Intelligence

Topics Covered in Course

  • Keys to creating a solid intelligence program foundation
  • Critical intelligence key indices
  • Obtaining measurable key indices
  • Creating Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that are strategic
  • Understanding KPI ownership
  • Creating revenue accelerator types
  • Stepping through revenue accelerator formulas
  • Linking types to revenues and assigning percentages
  • Valuation of revenue accelerators
  • Grouping revenue accelerator analytics
  • Real-world revenue accelerator examples
  • Expected ROI for your organization
  • Establishing milestones and measuring benchmarks
  • Tracking revenue impacts
  • Communicating accelerator impacts to executives

Templates Included

  1. Key Indice Definition Spreadsheet
  2. Revenue Accelerator Breakout Spreadsheet
  3. Assigning KPI's to Revenue Accelerators
  4. Revenue Accelerator Calculation Spreadsheet
  5. Accelerator Tracking Spreadsheet
  6. Real-world Predictive Analytics and Revenue Spreadsheet

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedIntelligence projects produce various key indices that measure information and intelligence aspects, but once obtained, which aspects should your organization focus on in order to impact revenues the most? Different intelligence aspects have different impacts on organizational revenues.

Revenue accelerators are used by organizations to link intelligence key indices to areas where they can obtain the greatest impact on revenues.

This course will expose organizations to how they can prioritize those intelligence key indices for maximum revenue impact. This course will uncover the formulas used to directly tie key indices to revenues in order to understand their impacts to revenues. Organizations will then be able to establish strategic and tactical alignment of initiatives based on the largest returns for their intelligence investment. This course will also use real-world case studies from a variety of organizations and showcase their results in order to understand the impacts of assigning revenue accelerators to their intelligence.






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