Online Continuing Education Intelligence Training Programs for Organizations

Topics Covered in Course

  • Online versus traditional training value-add and retention
  • Online solution repeatability
  • Level qualification assignment
  • Determining goals of online program
  • Roles impacted by intelligence solutions
  • Cross functional organizational roles
  • Establishing intelligence solutions by groups
  • Quarterly, bi-annual, and annual educational milestones
  • Communication, involvement, and tracking by employee's manager
  • Employee enrollment initiatives
  • Continuous application to organizational projects
  • Knowledge application techniques
  • Different types of training plans
  • Techniques for assessing learning retention
  • Leveraging online templates
  • Organizational certification incentive programs
  • Closed-loop integrated training processes and feedback
  • Continuous education program techniques

Templates Included

  1. Training Plan Templates
  2. Assessing Training Attainment
  3. Online Training Best Practices
  4. Group Identification Training Rollout
  5. Training Goal Matrix
  6. Training Framework Design Template

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedOnline training has grown in popularity over the past years due in large part to the ease with which learning professionals can develop and deliver online solution training. Rapid eLearning web-based learning management systems have fueled this ease, and as more organizations are dispersed in multiple offices, in-person traditional training has become an expensive and outdated endeavor. Efficiencies, costs, and the ability to implement immediately in an organization are of utmost concern. The convergence of eLearning tools and highly distributed working environments has created a perfect storm for why online solution training will replace most of the traditional classroom training that occurs for organizations today.

When you consider there are studies showing evidence that online learners can outperform traditional classroom settings, it is no wonder why organizations are shifting more employee development resources to online solution training.

This online course will step an organization through the steps necessary for creating personalize employee roadmaps for a continuous online education program. The course will provide you with the structure and guidance for implementing an online intelligence-training platform to rollout to your organization and automate all employee tracking and progress milestones to meet their quarterly or annual educational requirements.






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