ROI on Customer Insight Programs

Topics Covered in Course

  • Challenges existing customer insight programs face
  • Top areas that customers determine are most valuable to them
  • What a comprehensive customer insights program should contain
  • Largest organizational challenges faced
  • Aspects organizations should primarily focus on
  • 5 intelligence pillars every intelligence program needs
  • Making more informed decisions based on the intelligence
  • Calculating the viability of customer insight programs
  • Application of predictive analytics
  • Calculating ROI regarding increased retention rate
  • Calculating ROI regarding in-jepardy customers
  • Calculating ROI regarding lost prospects that will re-engage
  • Calculating ROI regarding existing customers that qualify to be upsold to
  • Generating impact analysis reports
  • Other customer insight impacts (unknown by most organizations)
  • Implementation considerations
  • Where most organizations find challenges

Templates Included

  1. Course Table of Contents
  2. Customer Insight Formula Calculation Spreadsheet
  3. Key Indice Tracking Spreadsheet & Pillar Diagram
  4. Real-world Sample Calculations for ROI
  5. Top Challenges Faced by Advanced Organizations


Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedThe landscape for serving customers today is not the same as it was a decade ago – or even a few years ago. Customer insights have drastically changed for organizations and many of them have been slow to respond.

So what’s changed? We’ve put together a course that focuses on the most important new customer behaviors that you should be aware of, and we provide the formulas necessary to calculate a return on investment (ROI) from them. Think of this course as a ’wake up’ call since lack of focus on these customer behaviors result in lost revenues and customer erosion.

This course will allow you to calculate the benefits of implementing a customer insights program. Most organizations understand that having a customer insights program is beneficial; they simply have a challenging time determining “what” is the proper program they should implement and which provides the best ROI.

This course will teach you not only how to approach this topic within your organization, but also the primary impacts and selections your organization should consider when implementing a critical customer insights intelligence program. This course will provide the formulas for determining an ROI, and actually run impact analysis scenarios for your organization to establish the impact it has on unrecognized revenues.