Implementing a Best-In-Class Customer Insight Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Determining a focused overall customer insight strategy
  • Internal dependent support initiatives required
  • Defining customer relationship types
  • Defining different types and needs from customer types
  • Associating customer types with strategic plans
  • Steps for cultivating shared values
  • Proactive versus reactive and impact for engagement
  • Automation in insight programs
  • Defining customer Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Linking client focused KPI's to all aspects of your organization
  • Key metrics for establishing an insight intelligence program
  • Integrating latest technologies to keep customers engaged
  • Measuring techniques for your feedback program
  • Obtaining information metrics from customers
  • Converting information to intelligence
  • Plus/minus Gap Score interpretation
  • Assigning intelligence to different internal groups
  • Analyzing best in class insight programs
  • Mapping best in class elements
  • Monitoring your closed-loop insight program

Templates Included

  1. Course Table of Contents
  2. Customer Relationship Classification Template
  3. Defining Customer Types Template
  4. Top Trends in Customer Relationship Techniques
  5. Steps to Implement a Feedback Intelligence Program
  6. Creating Measurable and Actionable KPI's
  7. Plus/Minus Gap Score Example
  8. Top Reasons Why Your Customers Leave You

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedYou don’t need to be a prophet to accurately predict your customers’ needs and desires. You just need intelligence and a strong strategy in place for acquiring, managing, and leveraging this intelligence in a secure, responsible way. Easier said than done.

One of the largest challenges facing organizations is the need to maximize customer insights and increase revenues while minimizing the cost of delivering an outstanding customer experience. With rising customer acquisition costs, organizations are turning towards customer insight intelligence programs to innovate and assume a proactive role in managing their customers.

This course will look at the various customer insight programs that organizations leverage and their associated pros and cons. Several elements from different customer insight programs can be consolidated to leverage a best in class solution for your organization to ensure the right intelligence is being gathered, tracked, leveraged and deciphered to specific internal disciplines. This course will also review the back-end processes that most organizations are challenged with in terms of closing the loop with customers and ensure you are aligned with their expectations.

This course will allow you to understand and implement a best in class customer insight intelligence solution to capture customer touch points and interactions, feedback mechanisms, and map the entire customer journey.