How to Learn Nothing From Your Customer Feedback

Topics Covered in Course

  • Overview of different customer feedback strategies
  • Defining your customer service policies
  • Stats and facts about the best and worse programs
  • Overview of the entire customer experience
  • Top reasons customers leave you
  • Impact of unsatisfactory experiences
  • Paving the way for better service
  • Defining customer relationship types
  • Defining your different types and needs from customers
  • Linking types to customer commitment and ROI
  • Steps for cultivating shared values
  • Defining customer Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)
  • Key metrics for establishing a feedback intelligence program
  • Integrating latest technologies to keep customers engaged
  • Converting information to intelligence
  • Real-world customer testimonials
  • Organizational impact analysis of different customer types
  • Customer loyalty classification, calculation, and assessment
  • Properly monitoring your feedback program
  • Real-world organization feedback program failures
  • Next generation of feedback programs

Templates Included

  1. Course Table of Contents
  2. Customer Relationship Classification Template
  3. Defining Customer Type Template
  4. All Stats and Facts from Course
  5. Top Trends in Customer Feedback Methodologies
  6. Steps to Implement a Comprehensive Feedback Intelligence Program
  7. Top Reasons Why Your Customers Will Leave You
  8. Implementing a Closed Loop Feedback Process Template

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedCustomers come in all forms. Some are delighted others are dissatisfied. Some are devoted others are detached. There are several ways customers can be classified and there are several ways that organizations are challenged with the different types of feedback from those customer classifications. One size feedback system does not apply to all unless you know how to classify those different types of customers and obtain a certain standard of key indices that applies to all.

The leaders of organizations want to hear from their customers, and most do, but there are different approaches with how they digest feedback from different types of customers, and in many instances, driving them away. This course will allow organizations to classify their existing customers and ensure that they are reacting to them the right way.

This course takes a unique approach and will focus on real-world trends that have been observed from the largest organizations and their involvement in various feedback programs. This course will also focus on case studies and how some of the organizations failed at their customer feedback methodologies and the impacts and reviews from their actual customers. Real customer expectations will be one of the centerpieces to this course and will be mapped to the various classifications and approaches needed to proactively address and close the loop on feedback processes for various types of customers.