Creating an Employee Insight and Engagement Intelligence Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Keys to creating a solid employee intelligence program foundation
  • Ways to ensure a credible intelligence program is created and maintained
  • Incorporation of employee Net Promoter Score
  • Facts and stats about employee engagement
  • Employee engagement industry standards
  • Drivers of the most engaged employees
  • Primary causes of disengagement
  • Defining scoring scale
  • Obtaining employee information that is unbiased
  • Turning information into intelligence
  • Creating intelligence that is measureable
  • Creating intelligence that is actionable
  • Calculating employee Gap Scores
  • Establishing a repeatable intelligence program
  • Real world examples discussed

Templates Included

  1. Employee Engagement Sample Report
  2. Creating Measurable Employee Key Indice Template
  3. Executive Summary of Insights Deliverable Template
  4. Employee Insight Dashboard Example
  5. Employee Engagement Industry Benchmarks
  6. Key Performance Indice Tracking Spreadsheet & Pillar Diagram
  7. Sample Plus/Minus Gap Score Grid

Detailed Course Description

Employees ultimately drive organizational success. While financial results are most closely aligned with the product or service offered to your customers, those offerings are only as good as what your employees deliver. Starting with top leadership and moving down through all levels to the front-line employee, performance matters. Employee performance in turn is driven by employee engagement. So what drives your employee engagement? Is your company doing what it needs to do to keep employee engagement strong? If not, are you willing to accept the risk of putting your organizational success in jeopardy?

This online course will enable you to internally implement an employee insight and engagement intelligence program. The infrastructure, analytical tools, and framework will help you understand what matters most to your employees and identify what you need to do to increase employee performance and reduce turnover.

The course will implement a research-based model of employee performance that includes engagement, strategic alignment, and manager competency. The measurable key indices will provide actionable Gap Scores that will enable you to plan a strategy for increasing levels of employee commitment and workforce effectiveness.