Your Product Isn’t Just About Its Price

Topics Covered in Course

  • Organizational trends and pricing myths
  • Impact of quality into the equation
  • Aligning product and services based on differentiators
  • Improvements addressed only in crisis-mode
  • Determining measuring scale
  • Prioritizing offering action items
  • Root cause offering analysis
  • Quick fix approach concerns
  • Properly managing change
  • Existing offering value grid analysis
  • Future offering value grid analysis
  • Impact of biased offering information
  • Calculating offering Gap Scores
  • Aligning product, sales, marketing personnel
  • Establishing true offering value proposition
  • Building the competitive advantage model
  • Establishing planning parameters
  • Implementing quality-driven key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Frequency of obtaining KPI’s
  • Implementing the cross-functional team members
  • Critical reports that should be leveraged to communicate

Templates Included

  1. Existing Product Value Grid
  2. New Product Value Grid
  3. Product Question Sets
  4. Competitive Advantage Grid

Detailed Course Description

Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or service provider, if you cannot state what your competitive advantage is, you’re losing customers. The common flaw in many organizations is they think their price is one of their core competitive advantages. The advancement of online technologies has allowed people to become smart consumers where they will research for product price comparison information long before making a purchasing decision.

Most organizations cannot survive being low-cost providers. When you are competing only on price, you are accepting that your offering is commodity status. If you can build value-add scenarios to your offering, your organization can build confidence while eliminating risk from the consumer purchasing decision-making process.

This online course will guide you through what organizations need in order to distinguish their offerings and stop competing based on price. Quality is a critical aspect that is often overlooked by organizations and it can deliver value to customers, partners, and people working within your organization. Quality comes from hundreds of processes that happen each day that protect key differentiators of your organizational offerings.




Available: December 2022


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