Implementing a Measurable Salesperson Perception Program

Topics Covered in Course

  • Establishing an effective salesperson perception strategy
  • Setting expectations of the salesperson program
  • Understanding the model of salesperson performance
  • Analysis of salesperson models based on goals
  • Defining the perception process
  • Obtaining unbiased information
  • Group communication steps and program definition
  • Creating measurable key performance indicators (KPI's)
  • Selecting sample sizes
  • Defining the information gathering process
  • Ways to conduct the analysis
  • Capturing quantitative and qualitative customer information
  • Containing and managing the information
  • Turning the information into intelligence
  • Creating Gap Scores
  • Digesting the intelligence
  • Turning intelligence into customer engagement
  • Implementing effective intelligence communication plans
  • Ensuring continuous customer feedback

Templates Included

  1. Salesperson Perception Program Framework Diagram
  2. Models of Salesperson Performance
  3. Perception Process Steps
  4. Measurable KPI Template
  5. Information Gather Process Diagram
  6. Gap Score Diagram
  7. Steps to Convert Information into Intelligence
  8. Steps for Effective Intelligence Communications
  9. Feedback Loop Best Practices

Detailed Course Description

(design and creation being plannedSalesperson performance perceptions are a result of various customer interactions from as early as the RFP process to post implementation support engagement. Salespeople are the customer-facing aspect in a majority of organizations and customer perception intelligence is the best way to gauge effectiveness in their abilities.

This online course introduces an intelligence component to implementing a salesperson perception program by obtaining measurable key performance indicators from existing customers, which in turn allows actionable intelligence to be leveraged within your organization on sales-related aspects. This course will allow your organization to view the salesperson intelligence both strategically and tactically in order to allow sales alignment to ignite additional revenues.