Leveraging Intelligence for Inbound Marketing Programs

Topics Covered in Course

  • Detailed overview of inbound marketing
  • Stats and facts on organizational intelligence trends
  • Impact of social media, content marketing, SEO
  • Pay-per-click initiatives
  • Marketing channels and purposes
  • Creating brand awareness
  • Building relationships and generating leads
  • Intelligence integration techniques
  • Average cost to acquire a new lead
  • Creating an inbound organizational strategy
  • Promoting and creating content
  • Challenges inbound marketing faces
  • Expectations from an inbound marketing program
  • Automation impacts and benefits
  • Identifying inbound leads
  • Lead collection intelligence
  • Establishing a nurturing engagement program

Templates Included

  1. Inbound Marketing Channels & Purpose Document
  2. Average Costs to Acquire Lead Graphs
  3. Strategy Impact Area Template
  4. Automation Features & Benefit Document

Detailed Course Description

Marketing has changed dramatically over the past few years, not by choice, but out of necessity. As the customer experience continues to mature, marketers have been forced to adapt and refine their marketing tactics, going wherever buyers go and evolving as their buyers evolve.

Inbound marketing is the process of generating interest and engagement in your organization by providing value to your potential customers and then turning that interest and engagement into a mutually beneficial business relationship.

Nearly all of the marketing crazes of the past few years are anchored in inbound marketing. Social media, content marketing, and SEO are all are the essential marketing techniques that fall under the inbound marketing umbrella.

This online course will look at the benefits of inbound marketing programs, from a higher industry profile to higher quality leads and more. This course will also combine inbound marketing with marketing intelligence automation to help your marketing team maximize lead generation efforts and sales opportunities while minimizing costs. And by using both inbound and intelligence automation, no stage of the sales cycle goes untouched, so you’re never missing any important steps in the buyers’ journey.




Available: December 2022


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