Intelligence in Service-Based Branding

Topics Covered in Course

  • Overview of leveraging intelligence in service branding
  • Traditional branding methods and why they aren’t effective
  • Service perception intelligence methods
  • Developing measurable key performance indices (KPI’s)
  • Existing customer perception analysis concepts
  • Setting up actionable intelligence objectives
  • Capturing uniqueness intelligence aspects
  • Proactive service branding strategies
  • Intelligence feedback program
  • Service gap value matrix
  • Service branding validation inputs
  • Intelligence to drive service differentiation
  • Establishing service brand intelligence metrics
  • Service enhancement option intelligence

Templates Included

  1. Developing Measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  2. Service Perception Value Grid
  3. Intelligence Feedback Framework
  4. Service Branding Intelligence Metrics
  5. Enhancement Prioritization Grid

Detailed Course Description

The basics of branding products and services are similar. Branding your service-based offering, though, poses challenges greater than those faced by product-driven offerings. Services are intangible and each customer experience is unique. Even a small number of bad customer experiences can severely damage your brand and service reputation.

The services marketing mix, or seven P’s of marketing, identifies people, processes and physical evidence as the three critical marketing intelligence considerations unique to service offerings. The seven P’s evolved from the original market mix includes product, place, price and promotion. The expanded services mix addresses important areas of concern when developing and marketing a service offering. Realizing these unique qualities of your organization can help you overcome challenges to service branding and leveraging intelligence to guide your decision-making.

This online course will provide intelligence solutions in order for you to minimize intangibility, commoditization, complexity, inconsistency, and real-time positive consumer interactions, which are common challenges unique to branding services.

Available: December 2022


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