Intelligence Portal Your Organization Can Purchase


The Academy has partnered up with Market Awareness and SCIP to provide a comprehensive online intelligence portal to put your Win/Loss or Product Viability data to work for you. More than a data repository, myCIscore is: 

  • Intuitive: Spend time pulling out insights that ring the cash register, not on the phone with your tech support
  • Plug & Play: Built by a dedicated team of CI experts, myCIscore comes pre-loaded with 26 best-in-class key performance indices (KPI’s) to track
  • Flexible: Unlimited space to add and track additional open-ended questions to capture exactly what your organization needs to know
  • Smart: myCIscore has user-friendly visualizations and reports built-in, so you can quickly slice and dice your data and intelligence
  • Secure: Protected with state-of-the-art SSL encryption and multi-state failover backups 
  • Cost-Effective: Only $499 per year – no hidden charges (if SCIP member)


What Insights Can You Uncover?


  • Customer Satisfaction: Do your buyers or prospects really think you’re customer centric? Would that drive more revenue if you were?
  • Organizational Health: Where are the strengths and weak spots in your organization? What do their colleagues think the perception of your organization is?
  • At-Risk Customers: Which customers are in jeopardy of defecting in the next 12 months? Which references from existing customers are detrimental if used?
  • Win-Back Strategy: Which lost customers should you should be re-engaging and assigning to a salesperson?
  • Innovation: What new product ideas are customers actually willing to pay for and find value in from your organization? Which aspects of your product are of little value to your buyers?
  • Measurable Intelligence: Information can be turned into intelligence by grabbing two value scores for each KPI and generating an Expectation Gap Score to quickly drive smarter business decisions, increase revenue, and improve the customer experience. Verbatims: You can associate verbatim comments with each KPI thereby allowing your organization to use both qualitative and quantitative data to understand exactly what your organization is doing right or wrong from your buyer’s perception.
  • Streamline Communication: Now you can take a single report to a strategic or tactical meeting with different groups to easily convey organizational areas that are of top priority to address – complete with buyer comments to provide proof.


Intelligence Portal Pricing Packages


There are three different options for organizations:

1.) Portal Only ($499 SCIP members, $999 non-SCIP members)

2.) Portal + Quick Start (portal price + $299 per buyer/prospect to populate your intelligence portal)

3.) Portal + The Works ($5k, includes portal price, 10 buyer/prospects to populate your intelligence portal, win/loss analysis training for 1 of your employees)​


If interested in purchasing, please contact us and we'll have a discussion about your needs.