(Part 3 of 4) - Intelligence Portal Demo - Uncovering Predictive Analytics

Topics Covered in Course

  • Combining KPI's to make predictions of future outcomes
  • Identifying existing customers, partners, or distributors that are in-jeopardy of leaving
  • Identifying lost prospects that would re-engage your organization
  • Using revenue accelerators with KPI's
  • Identifying existing customers you should be upselling to

Detailed Course Description

This is part 3 of a 4 course series. VoiceoftheBusiness Academy features many customer experience and competitive intelligence courses - and we have also included several courses, like this one, that will provide demonstrations from Market Awareness' intelligence portal so you can see what a typical organization is doing with the intelligence they obtain. The portal will also show how organizations use the intelligence portal to manage their data, drive decisions at various organizational levels, understand various strengths and weaknesses from their buyers, and provide them the ability to disseminate the intelligence throughout their organization.

This course is focused on how to use the intelligence obtained from Primary Research and link various Key Performance Indices to generate predictive analytics.