Should you need advisory support or implementation assistance for any of the Academy courses you implement within your organization - our partner is:

The Corporate annual subscription level is geared towards organizations that have a group of professionals who want to take unlimited courses throughout the year. Employees will have access to take any course at any time, be able to pursue all certifications in a timely manner, and create and follow their own Subject Matter Expert (SME) roadmaps. 

Professionals that leverage this subscription level can take any and all courses currently offered, as well as any upcoming courses being produced throughout the twelve months of their subscription. This level is priced as a corporate package and allows the corporations to obtain volume discounts based on the number of licenses needed. 

This subscription level also includes involvement in SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals), the oldest and largest global non-profit intelligence organization celebrating 30 years in 2015. SCIP involvement can consist of local and national speaking opportunities for professional career growth and involvement in various SCIP initiatives. Organizations also receive a complete training rollout package consisting of launch materials, a detailed yearly rollout plan to generate involvement, and all tasks to ensure a seamlessly launched training initiative along with custom created courses and custom webinars and workshops. Professionals at this level also receive advisory support for implementing intelligence solutions within their organizations. The Corporate annual subscription is not automatically renewed.

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If you want to have a discussion regarding our corporate membership subscription and licensing level breaks, please contact us.