VoiceoftheBusinessAcademy.com is an online training company that helps organizations, universities, and professionals learn critical business skills and solutions to achieve Customer Experience (CX) and Competitive Intelligence (CI) organizational and personal goals. With a VoiceoftheBusiessAcademy.com subscription, members receive access to a vast selection of professionally voiced, animated, and produced courses on challenging solutions that organizations face.

New courses are constantly being developed and produced by various industry experts who have implemented those solutions within organizations, and are added at no extra subscription cost. Each course has various templates to allow the individual to immediately implement the solution in their organization or professional career. VoiceoftheBusinessAcademy.com delivers 21st century online business solution training and enables continuous education and certifications to individuals on a global scale.

Our training programs attract involvement from a diverse group of organizations interested in various training solutions to apply to their careers, profession, or organization. These are some of the organizations involved in our various gold standard online training programs:
























"I really enjoyed the classes. I found them to be a lot more up-to-date and organized than classes I’ve taken through [...another firm]. I am considering using VoiceoftheBusiness Academy to provide training as part of the competitive program I’m currently developing for my internal teams. The online Academy courses were exactly what I needed to kick-start my new competitive role. Being new to competitive intelligence, these courses have given me a good baseline of knowledge and a lot of great ideas to help me build my internal competitive programs." - Director, IT Product Management, Financial Institution

"The likelihood of me referring the online Academy to a colleague would be a 10." - Chris Barry, Strategy Analyst, BB&T

"The online program from VoiceoftheBusiness Academy was wonderful, and it has enlighten me more in the area of making decisions at board meetings and also enhanced my skills into intelligence proceedings. My thoughts on how the online Academy compares to other Customer Experience or Comptitive Intelligence training companies is that the Academy produced a much more comprehensive training program compared to [...another firm]. In this regard, I am planning to take other courses from the online Academy, and I will be recommending this to my colleagues in Asia and Africa." - Julius Oyelami, IT Business Manager, McMemphis

"I think the online Academy fills a void for an alternative to intelligence training." - Zena Applebaum, MA, Director, Competitive Intelligence, Bennett Jones SLP

"I have been impressed with the Academy's online courses I have completed and I look forward to the courses I have left. There are many more online courses that interest me. These intelligence courses offer valuable knowledge. There is no reason to look anywhere else." - Chris Borba, President, Emissary Investigative Services, LLC

"The online Academy's course selection is very strong and comprehensive." - Jeff Martin, IGT

"I definitely enjoyed the courses, and I really appreciate the inclusion of templates and notes, which is lacking from other intelligence related courses from [...another firm]. The courses are not unusually long and provide a succinct overview of the selected topic. I shall definitely look forward to additional courses, as well as the upcoming annual conference." - Candy Quinn, Director, Business and Competitive Intelligence, L-3 National Security Solutions    

"I am an experienced professional, and competitive intelligence is only part of my remit, but I was amazed at the ground the online courses covered and how it helped me to set priorities for our organization in terms of competitive intelligence. I have found new aspects that I can implement and the course templates will certainly prove useful." - Larna Bernard, Market Intelligence Manager, Platts McGraw Hill Financial

"I found the VoiceoftheBusiness Academy's courses professional, well structured, enjoyable, informative, and more useful than other intelligence training companies like [...another firm]. Moreover, they were professionally done and each had supporting implementation templates for each course, which allowed knowledge management and exchange. This online training has been very powerful and I have learned a lot of valuable information." - Ricardo Lopez Robles, University of Basque Country

"I don’t have very much exposure with customer experience training programs from other companies, but have taken other types of online training from [...another firm].  From that aspect I like the format and ease of use of the online courses from the Academy. I think these are a great primer for understanding and building a competitive intelligence practice within an organization. They not only provide the knowledge, but also a useful set of tools and templates that are ready to immediately use in your organization." - Aaron P. Spurlock, Chief Information Officer, WVMI & Quality Insights

"VoiceoftheBusiness earns a 10 from me! For clients doing or considering competitive intelligence, I will send them your way. An excellent introduction to the increasingly important and valuable realm of competitive intelligence and customer experience solutions. Spot-on, time-manageable modules hold your attention and delivered as promised." - Michael A. Brown, President, BtoBEngage.com

"The online courses were very high quality and very professionally developed. The courses provided a great deal of information and move along quickly, with no wasted time and no wasted information. Initial impressions are all very good." - Daryl Denham, Global Business Analysis, Givaudan Flavors Corp

"This is the first online customer experience training I’ve had and I would say it was better than I expected. The online courses from VoiceoftheBusiness Academy provided structure and a framework for my profession." - Peter Wibjörn, Director Business Intelligence, Saab

"I think my favorite thing about the online courses was there were a couple of topics I hadn’t dealt much with…such as Net Promoter Score, which, by the way, is a topic here at Aetna that our CEO sometimes cites, so it was good timing, too! And the CRM courses. Both of those are topics I haven’t dug into much. I also loved the samples and war stories they provide in each course!" - Bradley M. Roberts, Sr. Director, Strategic Planning, Aetna

"I’m glad to be part of the Ambassador Program, which gives me a unique opportunity to improve my skills as a competitive intelligence practitioner, to re-discover not only the basics of the function, but also additional tools, which can easily be adapted to suit my organization’s daily needs. The content is relevant and straightforward." - Julie Egal ,Manager, Business Intelligence, Carlson Wagonlit Travel

"There are no waiting times and no travel time or missing work, which is great." - Birgit Ketteman, Sales & Business Development, Eisenmann Anlagenbau

"The online courses are very high quality and very professionally done. The courses provide a great deal of information and move along quickly, with no wasted time or wasted information. Initial impressions are all very very good." - Daryl Denham, Global Business Analysis, Givaudan Flavors Corporation

"The Academy courses were very useful for specialists in capitalizing on intelligence. The courses helped me clarify many aspects of competitive intelligence. For what I do every day at work, the video "Implementing a Competitor Analysis Intelligence Program" was the one that led me to review the techniques that I have been using in my organization. I find it incredible what the Academy is doing with the education program and the vision they have with that program." - Alina Popa, Coordinator, Market Intelligence, Agricover

"I found the materials that the online Academy offers to be excellent, practical, and well designed. There are several other online courses that I am planning on taking. I believe the courses in their program are beneficial to people interested in learning about best practices and methods in intelligence." - Iris Stein, Celtik

"I did recently hire an analyst who is new to competitive intelligence. I think there are some valuable online courses to learn, and learn quickly, through the Academy. I thought the courses were an efficient way to get a lot of information disseminated quickly. Overall it was a very positive experience." - Scott Root, Competitive Intelligence and Reporting Manager, Aetna

"The online Academy courses were very good and specific. The classes I’ve taken give me a solid and scalable platform to build an intelligence program for my organization. I have already recommended the Academy to the compliance department at my organization to look into leveraging these online training courses and templates." - Jim Mitchell, Director of Product Management, Platts - a division of McGraw Hill Financial

"The online courses were very comprehensive and I learned a lot. I think they would be great for novices, or those launching internal intelligence programs." - Marj Atkinson, Librarian, MPI

"I thought that the coursework was very informative. There was some overlap between courses, which helped reinforce key points compared to the training that I received at another in-person training company. I enjoyed the process." - Kirk Richardson, Marketing Director, MTI

“Taking the Academy's online courses made it possible to easily fit into my work schedule. I have already shared the course offerings with colleagues." - Laura Kieser, Market Intelligence Specialist, AgStar Financial Services, ACA

"This was my first time experiencing with online customer experience and intelligence training because I have always undertaken classroom (face-to-face) training sessions. Upon having gone through some of the online intelligence courses, I am really impressed. They were very well articulated." - Shainul Bhanji, Finbiz Professional